LiveStock Ag Teacher

Average Salary

The national average salary for an ag teacher, not including summer contract or benefits, is about $42,000 per year. The actual compensation package for an ag teacher will vary by state and school district. The package may include health and retirement benefits, vacation, sick days, and extra-curricular duties. Ag teachers are often contracted during the summer months for things like county fair, SAE visits, FFA camps, curriculum writing, and summer ag class.

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Job Description

Agriculture instructors teach high school students applications in science, management, leadership, and technology related to food and natural resource systems. Working with animals, plants, and products under laboratory conditions allow students to learn through hands-on real-life experience. Agriculture teachers strive to make learning fun and meaningful for each student so they may become successful in school, work, and life. Agriculture teachers are given the opportunity to to make a powerful and positive difference in the lives of their students.


At any high school with an Ag program


Because ag education teachers have to be licensed by the state they teach in ag teachers must complete a degree program. In most cases this means a minimum of a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education.

Special Skills

these subjects, agricultural educators teach students a wide variety of skills, including science, math, communications, leadership, management and technology.

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