by: Brooklynn Taylor

My friends and I like to draw, but we also like to read about zebras!!

What is a zebra?

A zebra is a black and white animal who lives in the Savannas from Sudan to Northern Zimbabwe in Africa.

What do zebras normally eat?

A zebra's main source of food is grass

Zebras are herbivores and mainly eat grass, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Zebras also eat 50 different species of grass!!!

Do zebras come in other colors?

Yes! Some zebras come in brown stripes because they are naturally born with them. The stripes will turn black between 9-18 months.

How may species do zebras have?

There are a total of 3 different species. The most common species of zebra are the Plain zebras. The other two are named Grevy and Mountain. Population of all zebras are going down because of people in Africa using their land for farming, villages, and grasslands.

When were zebras first discovered?

A zebra mussel

Zebra mussels were found in 1769 by Peter Simon Pallas a German zoologist who found zebra mussels in the Ural, Volga and Dnieper Rivers.

Are there any scientific names for any of the three species?

Yes, all of the species have scientific names and have some similarity to all of them.

Plans zebra: Equus Quagga

Mountain zebra: Equus Zebra

Grevy zebra: Equus Grevyi

Who do zebras have stripes?

Zebras have stripes to distract their prey such as lions. (Zebras are a lion's main source of food.) leopards, hyenas, and other wild dogs. Sometimes, crocodiles will catch zebras when they are swimming across rivers. Zebras are mainly prey to tons and tons of animals and some big reptiles.

Zebra Chart

*Adult Zebras*

*Height: from the shoulders the adult zebra size 4-5 ft. *Weight: 395-990 lbs.

*Length (body): 6-9 in. (tail): 17-22 in. *Lifespan: 15-30 years in the wild


*Height: from the shoulders (at birth) around 33 in. *Weight: (at birth) 55-88 lb

*Lifespan: 15-20 years in the wild

*Fun Facts*

*Zebras clean and scratch their skin in herds by flopping on their backs!!

* Zebras show their mood by using their ears!!

* Did you know that zebras have excellent eyesight and hearing?!

About the author

Brooklynn is a kind, hardworking girl! She loves to draw, learn, read, and spend time with friends and family. Next, she has two brothers and one sister who she likes to mess around with!!!

* I hope you learned wildly about zebras! Are you wild about zebras!?*