Hunter Safety Ed. Chpt. 9

Kellie Luton, Blake Hagen

Wildlife Conservation
The environment has been evolving since the beginning of time. There have been climate changes, human activity and food web alterations have changed the numbers of certain species. It is very important that we preserve and conserve our natural environments.

Habitat management
Habitat management is very important. This area focuses on protecting the habitats of certain species in the wild, mostly endangered species. the main areas of focus in habitat management are food, water, cover and space.

Protection of Wildlife
Certain laws have been put into place to protect these species. These laws include the hunting limits and seasons. Hunters play a key role in wildlife management. They help to prevent overpopulation. Funding from hunting permits has helped to benefit the re-population and research of certain species. There are also certain wildlife management practices that are put into place such as artificial stocking, hunting and predator control.

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