Reading Jornal

Dear My.Sara,

I am riring the book the pig and I am in chapter 3 and is abaut a pig that was wakin and a wulf want to eret because he no have food and he haid to the pig no seet that he no was haiden in a tree  and the wulf trou to cach  the pig and the wulf was hert in the flor and the wulf hert agan in the flor then and the pig go  to pic The pig go to big bus to fight with the wolves because the wolf no hav food to have and the friend come to help them. He was running to the house and the mom was waiting to him for the food and he went inside and the mom didnt see anything and he go to do the fud and the  mom com to see and he no se nathig then ther was the pig.  

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