this demonstrates points because it has no dimensions and has a position
vertical lines, which shows power, just like new york city does with its buildings
the color green is often referring to the environment, so this car is showing a environmental type of car
this car demonstrates value because it is showing a 3D shape in a 2D way
these all demonstrate shapes because its a 2D shape closed into lines and curves.
these 3D objects are an example of form because it is a 3D object
this demonstrates depth because the space between things are giving it depth
this demostrates texture because you can see how the surface feels
this demonstrates balance because both sides are completely equal
this image demonstrates Emphasis because you can clearly see where to look at
this demonstrates contrast because you can clearly see the differences between the buildings
this demonstrates regular rhythm because it shows repition
this is an example of proportion because this drawing is highlighting obamas ears by showing it with proportion
this demonstrates unity because they are all flowers but not really the same type of flower
this demonstrates economy because it is using the bare mimium
this demonstrates triangle because its a triangle
this is an example of diamter because the picture is showing the diameter
these polygons are examples of a quadrilateral because it is 4 sided
this large number represents Pi
this image demonstrates axis, because it is showing the earth's axis

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