Flipped Work

Jessica Patton

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Top ten take aways     

-Set limit on tv

-make literacy big part of childs life

-eating fruits and vegetables

-make sure my child eats healthy



-Seat belt safety and its importance

-correct safety seating and installation

-well educated on dietary fats

-supervision around water

Parent as a teacher

- good home environment

-infants influence easily

-vocab explosion @ age 2

-Self awareness around age 2

-becomes more complex at age 3

-vulnerable to negative influences

-positive experiences help immensely

-warm, sensitive, responsive parenting

stimulates brain growth

-Childcare is not always bad

-Talk and communicate with you infant even

he/she may not be able to communicate back

What They Do

  • Develops curricula
  • Trains professionals
  • Advocate for children and families
  • Set high standards


  • To get parents informed and active in the child’s critical early years of growth and development between conception and kindergarten.


  • Indicates that becoming involved in the critical early years makes a world of a difference.
  • There projects they have that prove this. (FACE & IAL)

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