Battle of The Somme

Bloodiest War

Trenches at the Somme River

        Dear diary, my name is Erich Georg Anton Sebastian von Falkenhayn, also known as General Falkenhayn. My position is the Chief of Imperial German General Staff. I had joined the army at an early age and served as a military instructor to the Chinese army. Its summer and I’m currently leading the German military through the battle at Somme River, fighting against the British and their allies. Every day felt long and treacherous.

         Today is July 1st the British had a plan to wipe us out on June 24th bombarding our defensive lines with more than a million bombshells. But most of them failed to explode, leaving our defensive lines intact. This morning the British were confident their artillery barrage was successful. They marched out to no man’s land in broad daylight with only rifles and bayonets; they were no match for our machineguns. By the end of today the British lost about 60 000 soldiers.

           This war has been getting bloodier and bloodier has the days go by. More soldiers keep dying and this battle has been going on for a long time now. I’ve been trying to create multiple new plans and strategies against the British and the French. The trenches were cold, wet and harsh. The French and British are occupying a lot of land from us. Air power and tanks are really important at this point.

British aritilery
German machinegun unit

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