The Hollywood Fad Diet

By Kyrie also known as Ellen. Due date Jan/ 24th/ 2014

THE BEGINNING: The Hollywood fad diet is when you cut out all food and you only drink a certain and specific juice. This was all made when a man want to a European health massage. He was trying to get into shape and he wanted to help others with this problem to because when you get a massage, you can think about a lot of things. During a period of 2 days, this is the only thing that you can consume.

THE REVIEW: People did a test and saw that 73% of people did lost 5 to 10 pounds on this diet.

THE COST: The cost for this 48 hour drink is $15.95.

THE CLAIM: What fad diets are for is to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. The bad part is that normally the people that do any fad diet gain or gain more of the weight that they already had. It kind of defeats the purpose of doing a fad diet. Now this fad diet only lasts for 2 days as I have said before so you only have to pay for one bottle for these 2 days so there isn't much of a yearly and/ monthly cost to this because it is just one bottle.

THE SELL: The way that people get others to buy to buy this juice is by calling it a fad diet because a lot of people know about them but also by trying to make it work for long periods of time.

THE CONTENTS:You do have to go and buy this juice. It wouldn't be a juice that just sit around the house for you to drink it. This drink is all about carbohydrates and not eating anything else, just the juice.

THE END: And that is all about The Hollywood fad diet.

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