One house in Mesopotamia is free and I'm offering you it!!!

        Hi I chose you to live in the Neo-Babylonian empire that is in Mesopotamia and it is located near the Mediterranean sea, the red sea, and the Persian gulf. I will give you land supplies and all the things you need to survive for the rest of your life FOR FREE also you can take all of your family but this is a once in a life-time opportunity so choose wisely.

        The advantages are there is less pollution. There is not many people who live here so it is like a permanent vacation away from lots humanity.There is a stable food supply work but why would you turn this down you don't need money there is no such thing as money there is only trading.

        No taxes, you have your own religion. you can create your own sense of writing you are the government, you and your family have a social structure.There is a developed sense of culture there is all the technology (possible for the time period) and that is why I think you should live in the Neo-Babylonian empire.

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