Mosaic Virus

By: Quentin & Zack

What does the pest look like?

Wilted, with yellowish spots

What category is Mosaic Virus in?

The Mosaic Virus is a virus

What Problem is Caused?

Causes Burns and welts

What are the symptoms the Mosaic Virus is Present?

The leaf is curled upwards, Stunt in growth, typically have yellowish spots

If left untreated?

It rarely kills the plants but can severely stunt its growth

What can be done to rid the mosaic virus

Destroy infected plants immediately and sanitize where the virus was living

The Cost?

It only costs $4.65 if you're mechanically moving it.


Mechanically-Remove the infected plant out of the area and destroy it.

Cultural- Keep the area weeds free

Genetically- Plant some resistance cultivars: Supremos, courgettes, etc.

Can be spread from through seeds and bulbs. Also can be spread from the bite of an aphid. To keep it from spreading you could treat the certified transplant.

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