my tribes :

A tribes of brother

A tribes of school kid

A tribes of a lazy brother

A tribes of a big family

A tribes of not good at reading

A tribes of no sport

                                     A tribes of a lazy brother

         One thing I pick is a tribes of  a lazy brother because I'm to lazy to do my work at home and I always make my little brother and sister do all the work for me at home. I always come back from school and don't open the door for my little brother and sister because I was sleeping.

                                   A tribes of A big family

            I pick it because I have 7 sisters and 4 brother but 4 of my sister do not live with us now. We live in a house that have 5 rooms but we have 10 people in the house. I don't know why I have to share a room with my 1 big brother and 2 small brother.

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