Don't be so mean

why are you so mean?

Dear Captain hook

I know you are trying to kill me but you shouldn't shoot our guests! Canon balls are big and fat so we can easily see them coming. Capturing tiger lily? that just makes you look even worse. Tick Tock here comes the crocodile, SHOOT IT!!!! you should seriously calm down about the crocodile. if you try to be mean again i will be reporting to the Never land cops!

Firstly, canon balls are big and fat so we can see them coming so we can dodge them. you should try an RPG or a sniper. they are long range and look really cool. you could try Black ops 1 or 2 to train for it. I hope I'm not giving you any ideas. Just stop shooting us altogether! its not going to make a difference.

secondly, capturing tiger lily? that makes you look even worse! why her? why not someone who lives here like one of the lost boys, tinker bell or me? not tiger lily. she knows nothing about where my hideout is! if she found out i would have captured her myself and given her to you to make her jump of your highest mast. so do you think she would be alive if she knew?

My third and final reason is that you should shoot the crocodile that is always trying to eat you. i mean, its not hard to just get far away from it and shoot it with a cannon ball and you wont have to worry about it. also, stop trying to shoot us when you can shoot that crocodile first. it will be easier to get us AFTER you kill it.

So captain, will you stop being mean and weird or will i have to report you to the cops? I have plenty of reasons: shooting at us, capturing someone for nothing and not helping people by keeping a dangerous crocodile in the waters. so will you listen to me or go to jail?

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