by: Breaunna Hill

One of the reins on Slims lead horse. The Leather strap whipped back and hit him in the face so he is heading back to the bunkhouse to grab his pain pills of the shelf above his bed. He arrives to find Curley’s wife, alone, sobbing at the table where they usually play cards. As Slim angrily walks in the bunkhouse and slams the door with the wooden latch shut, he sees Curley’s wife throwing the playing cards off the table.

“What’s wrong?” Slim said as he subsided.
“I blew our stake and now I’m in hot water”
“Hopefully you don’t get canned”, as he’s mimicking the situation.
She got up and walked towards the window and she begins to morosely stare out the window.

Slim then walks over towards the stove to check the time. Curley’s wife is starting to calm down, so she makes her way to where Slim is standing and starts a conversation with him. They start to laugh and they’re having a good time then Curley’s wife starts to get a little flirty. Slim then walks away from her while she’s talking because he doesn’t feel comfortable.
“Are you alright?” she asked, as she walks over towards him.
“Yeah, I just need to think about somethings, I don’t think you should be flirting with me because you have a husband”.
“It’ll be fine” she said while walking towards him.
Slim gets angry again because he knows that what she is trying to do isn’t right. He begins to think about how he should tell Curley what his wife is doing.

As Slim starts to fix himself back up, so he can head back to everyone, he goes over to the apple box above his bed to get a necktie. Curley’s wife is trying to calm Slim down and tell him the Curley doesn’t need to know. Slim moves her out the way and sits on the boxes they use as chairs and puts in head in his hands. He wants to tell Curley how his wife is coming on to him. Curley’s wife walks up next to Slim and kisses him on the cheek. As that is happening Curley walks in to check on Slim and sees them he flips. Curley grabs Slim and slams him on the card table and starts to punch him in the face.
“Stop!”, Curleys wife yells.
“Let me explain”, Slim said while holding his face.
“She came on to me I swear, I was going to tell you”.
Curley believes Slim because of the type of person he is and he’s disappointed in his wife so he decides that his wife needs to get help or they’ll be getting a divorce. After all that is handled they head back to the horses.

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