Learning To Teach
Day 39: Jigsawing

Today was about finishing up the lecture material and then adding some movement in the classroom. The way I have been starting to do this is through the use of Jigsaw. Where I break students up from their "home" group into subgroups, have them to an activity such as reading an article in this case. Then coming back to the "home" group to discuss what they learned and help to "teach" the other students.
I had tried this before, and I was able to correct my mistake by getting different reading material such as the article, so there was a need for the movement in the class. However, I got the sense that I might have been over doing the jigsaw from the reactions from the students.

The big glaring fact that is starting to become apparent in my teaching that my host teacher pointed out, was that I was relying to heavy on the book to do my teaching for me. While for this unit it's a little late to correct that, for my next unit and then when I teach Sociology, she has required me to come away from the book. Also one future lesson need to break away from the text and also incorporate things that I have not experienced before. I understand what she is saying, and I feel that some of this nervousness will go away once I do start to become more comfortable with the material I am teaching. I need to make sure that I don't let that really show anymore through my lessons.

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