My Life in the South during the Civil War

Hello My name is Victoria Beckham. I am 23 years old. I live in Manhattan, New York. So, I am part of the union.  The year is 1863. I am married to David Beckham who is now at war fighting for the union. We have 8 children by the names of Scarlet, Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz, Harper, Ella, Chuck, and Serena.


Day 1

When I wake up I make breakfast for my family. Then I clean the house. My children clean up their bedrooms while I try to hear word of what's going on in the war. Then every morning near afternoon I start making 3 blankets for the soldiers each day. As the afternoon arrives, I make lunch for my children and do some yard work, I do not always go to work now a days everything is much harder. I make care packages for the soldiers packing things such as food, bandages, and other necessities, then lastly I began to make dinner.

Day 2

Today is April 13 1863. I sent a letter out to me dear husband today. I wanted to make sure everything is alright. My husband is fighting in the civil war for the union. The newspaper article that I received said "Trouble in the Civil War." I am so worried, my husband is a great man and is doing something great for our country.

Day 3

I woke up and got the children dressed and ready for school. Then we all ate breakfast and the children headed out to walk to school. I went to work today it was an easier morning than most. But, I had to leave early to make more muskets for the soldiers. The children came home from school and saw a list I had made earlier to do chores. They began to do them as I came home. I did not come home alone I brought home some soldiers to make them dinner. They left to do more training and I went to the den to begin making more blankets for the injured soldiers.

Day 4

Today is April 15, 1863. I got a letter back from a soldier in my husbands unit. It's not what I wanted to hear. My husband was shot in the eye and is not doing the best. I'm not sure how to tell my children . The field hospital said he most likely isn't going to make it through much longer. I've decided not to tell the kids until I find out if he makes it through or not. My children can kinda tell that something is wrong but I do not know how to explain this.

Day 5

Today is April 16 1865.  I haven't written in awhile, but something terrible has happened. Things are so insane around here. People are very frantic and I just found out what happened. President Lincoln has been shot, and his killer is on the run.

This came as such a shock to me, I never thought someone could assassinate a president that has done so much for our country. The paper said that the person who assassinated the president was named John Wilkes Booth. It's been six day since the was war ended and then something else like a mass murder had to happen. A big newspaper headlines is said that "Sic semper tyrannis!"

The president has fought hard for the North to win this war, then someone has to make a bigger devastation. What more can happen in this world, another war, more deaths. Another newspaper has been released recently the news title is "The Hands of Death." The killer is making this country even more startled than in the war.

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