My Journal Entry's

By: Elizabeth Blair

October 18th,1860


My name is Elizabeth Blair, I am 23 years old. I am a nurse for the Union because I want to do what is right. I'm from Chicago, Illinois. My life at home was usually really loud  and chaotic because my two children Alexandra and Christian. Alexandra is 6 years old, and Christian  is 14.  

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Journal Entry #2
M::I’m fit to be tied
M:The general confiscated my pepperbox
H: Is it because you whipped the fresh fish
M: yeah
H:anyway I’m played out from toeing the mark
M: Yeah, you seem very played out
H:my bread basket is grumbling
M:do you want to grab a root

Dear Christian & Alexandra,

As a nurse I haves seen many terrible things done to to soldiers. They get very humiliated. . Many of the soldiers have faced many punishments.The soldiers that have been punished, have bizarre punishments.One of the soldiers that have been punished have to wear a barrel because he didn't have permission to drink liquor. And another one was that a soldier have stole some equipment from a soldier that have already passed away, that soldier had to have a sign that said "Thief". Many soldiers had bizarre punishments. As a nurse I have seen things that no person wants too see. The Union was to make sure that our camp is not that very noticeable for the South. The soldiers are miserable, everyday they have to wake up at dawn and do the usual routine is practice into getting into their specific group. As a nurse, I get to see what a soldier does. I'm glad that us nurses don't have to do that.

Interview of Jeremiah

-Jeremiah when you chose to fight for the Union, what caused you to make that choice.

- What I'm happy about is that even though I didn't have my parents anymore, they still provided me help even though they have passed away.

- The thing that I wished that was different is if my mother was my parents were alive again. I could really use their advice of what to do. And I wish I wasn't a slave.

- Jeremiah what made you join the Union army? And why go back to your brother? (This is a question(s) that you had to make on your own).

Civil War Song:

The hours sad I left my dear

Whose sighs and tears when i'm on my way

I thought her heart was breaking

In hurried words I say the best

I breathed the words that come my way

And to my heart in anguish pressed

The girl I left behind me

Then to the east we go our own way

To win a name in our story

The place in my sight

When they assigned me

I shared the glory of that fight

Sweet girl I left behind me

But then come the day

In which we had no sharing

But now our soldiers won

Singing worthy of our size each son

Sweet girl I left behind me

The hope of final victory

Within my burning

Is wondering thoughts through me

And of my wonderful returning

Still with the love that blinds me

The girl I left behind me

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