The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Annie Borchers

Theme #1 Love one Another

This means to love and be nice to one another. Instead of getting into fights and wars with other countries and people, we should be helping one another hand being nice to each other.

This organization works by helping children get closer to people in their community and helping them be nice to each other.

Theme #2 Support one Another

We must support everyone on Earth because all of us are connected. All of us are brothers and sisters.

This organization works by telling us that racism is not a good thing and that we are all brothers and sisters.

Theme #3 Rights for Things we Need

This means that we need to be responsible with the things and people that we have. There are also things that we need to have to live. Some of these are clothes, food, and water. These things are our rights and we need to stand up so that it will stay that way.

This website talks about why we need rights and what the rights are that we need to have to be able to life a healthy and happy life.

Theme #4 Help the poor

Sometimes we need to help the poor and see how they are doing so that they do not die out of starvation or because they don't have other things that they need. The poor are also our brothers and sisters so we have to take care of them the best we can.

This website talks about how we can help the poor. It also gives us information about how they live and how different it is from how we live.

Theme #5 Having the right to work

People need to have the right to work so that they can make their living. The rights to work must always be protected because that is a way of making God's creation more efficient and better for everyone. The only way to make this happen is if workers are treated fairly. They need to be treated nicely and be paid well.

This website talks about what the rights are when you are at work. It also talks about why people need to go to work.

Theme #6 We are all Brothers and Sisters

We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God and we need to act that way. We need to make peace in the world instead of fighting and violence.

This website talks about how we can make peace in the world and why. It also talks about groups that we can join so that we can get the message across on why we need peace in the world.  

Theme #7 Showing Respect Towards God

We need to show respect to God by taking care of his creation. God put us on this Earth so that we could take care of it for him. We must live in peace with all of God's creations.

This message talks about why we need to take care of Gods creation. It also talks about how we can do that. We all need to come together and do what God asked us to do.