By: Sophia B.


What is the size of a computer mouse, has a long, furry tail and is related to a chinchilla? A degu!


Degus originate from South America. Degus can be kept as pets and can also be found in zoos. They are illegal in Georgia, Alaska, Newfoundland, Labrador and New Zealand. No matter where they live they dig burrows.

Now you know where they live, but what do they look like?


Degus are small animals that are about the size of a computer mouse. They have small but sharp claws and have long, thin, and furry tails. If you pull on their tail, it will fall off and they will never grow it back. They have small eyes and long whiskers.


Baby degus are called “pups”. The female degu is pregnant for about ninety days. When degus are born they are in an average litter of six pups. In the wild, degus can live up to thirteen years. While in captivity, they can live from six to eight years.


Like I said before, you can keep a degu as a pet. But first, you need to know how to take care of them. When you go to buy him/her, you also need to get them a cage, food, a food bowl and a water bottle. Their water containers usually look like baby bottles. In order to keep them healthy you should clean their cages once every week. Also, you should change their water and add more food to their bowl every single day.

When the little fur-ball(s) are being good you could give them a treat! Peanuts make excellent treats while something with sugar could make them even fatter. Plus, sugar is not good for degus.


Degu- a small rodent from central Chile

Originate- to bring into being

Burrows- a hole or tunnel dug in the ground by an animal

Captivity- the condition of being held captive