The Breakfast Book 4


I'm really noticing the improved energy with all these vegetables. It's no wonder with influx of vegetables- all their highly assimilable minerals are literally recharging my battery! Vroom, Vroom!

Weighing things up, still, as moving to my aim of a kg per day. This was breakfast about 400+g including the avocado, not shown here.

This combination is yummier than I expected. I forgot to take a pic with the walnuts on top, trying to do too much in the morning- you know how it goes. Adding the walnuts is vital because, research shows that having adequate protein - alongside a complex carbohydrate-makes the difference in performing well and long. Just a carbohydrate rich breakfast- even these amazingly mineral and fibre rich carrrrbs- will benefit me more by having the additional protein. Take a look at your breakfast. If its only grains and fruit- like many, then its not serving you as well as it could. If its just white sugary stuff and a coffee, well, then its definitely not serving you! (but you knew that.)

Sugar Snaps, Purple Sprouting Broccoli steamed quickly, with the peas thrown in at the end just to take off their frosty edge, mixed together with a very ripe mashed avocado- salt, pepper, walnuts. Bish bash bosh done! Eat and scram!

Charge up your day- have veg for breakfast!