Rock cycle

by mackenzie hill in 7th hour

The rock cycle is the cycle of a rock and the rocks go into different stages of the cycle and it starts all over again and again forever. There are different kinds of rocks and they change when they hit into a stage. Some are Igneous rocks and some are Metamorphic rocks and so many other types of rocks. One of the stages the rocks go into is the melting stage when the rock goes into a massive heat and melts and turns into magma. Later the magma comes goes up to the surface and the volcano erupts and the magma turns into lava. When magma comes from a volcano it becomes lava. Soon later the lava cools off and turns into rocks that may have air bubbles in them. Another stage is when the rock gets pushed into the water and gets smashed together with the other rocks and gets down to the sand and later the sand makes the rock go into the surface. The lava rock is an igneous rock and also the magma. Some rocks come in as glass which made out of the lava or magma that cooled and turned into clear glass.

Some rocks like the banded gneiss have layers in them that are from melting in the heat. The other kind that looks nice is the talc schist rock that has crystals in it