Cafe Madrid

For my Comunidades I went to the restaurant Cafe Madrid. It was a fun experience and everything on the menu was appetizers. I ordered the Tortilla Espanola that was recommended to me by the waiter. The Tortilla Espanola was a Spanish omelette with potatoes and onions. I also ordered the Jamon serrano which was Spanish cured ham slices. They were both very different to me and I enjoyed the Tortilla Espanola a lot but I didn't really like the jamon serrano. It was a very neat atmosphere with Spanish paintings and the colors in the restaurant were yellow and red.

I learned a lot about the Spanish culture and their food from this experience. I learned that tapas which are appetizers are very common for Spanish meals. The waiter told us that Spanish people eat many different appetizers for their meals. The restaurant was decorated with Spanish paintings and the room was smaller with a lot of tables. The walls were painted yellow and it had decorations also. I also learned that in the Spanish culture they eat a lot of meats like ham and also different cheeses. Almost everything on the menu had meat or cheese on it.

I can take a lot away from this experience at Cafe Madrid, because I learned a lot about Spanish meals and the different foods they eat. I am more informed about how the Spanish order many different tapas when they go out to eat with each other. In the future if I travel to a Spanish country, I will be informed about the different tapas and wouldn't have to ask about what they are. Also, I will know that many of the foods will have different meats and cheeses in them. This restaurant was very different from any other one I have been to before. The atmosphere was very different and I felt as if I were in a Spanish country.