New York Restoration Project

Help make New York a greener city one green space at a time! NYRP is a non-profit organization and 78.7% of all it's money goes into their cause of making New York a greener city. They have planted thirteen gardens/playgrounds in the Bronx and two in Brooklyn with the money they get from donations. The New York Restoration Project were mentioned on Mother Nature Network for their efforts to plant 1 million new trees by 2017. Charity navigator gave them an overall financial score of 74.83 out of 100.

Animal Rescue Foundation

ARF is a non-profit organizations that rescues cats and dogs from public shelter when it looks like their time has come. They give the animals a second chance by taking them in until the right family comes along. It has a 4 star rating in charity navigator, a overall financial score of 88.74, and 86.1% of it's money goes to it's programs and services such as pets for vets, foodshare, and emergency medical fund. It was founded by Tony and Elaine La Russa in 1991 and has had it's four-star rating for seven years running!

Doctors Without boarders, USA

Know internationally by it's French name Medecins Sans Frontieres or MSF, Doctors Without Boarders is a non-profit organization that delivers emergency medical aid to the places where it is need the most after epidemics, conflict, disasters or places that are excluded from healthcare. They have a four-star rating and a financial score of 91.24 on Charity Navigator. Out of all their money 87.4% goes to helping others around the world in 70 different countries. Everyday there are more than 30,000 qualified professionals working with MSF worldwide.

Personal Note

I got 1 million dollars and decided to divide a portion of it between these three charities. For The New York Restoration Project I want to donate $150,000. Their cause is awesome and is something that is needed in our world. People take nature for granted even though it plays a huge role in the survival of mankind. New York is a city I have always wanted to visit and have always inspired by and would like to see it stay beautiful. NYRP is setting a great example for other cities and has been doing a great job so far.

For The Animal Rescue Foundation I give $225,000. Animals all across the country are in need of the kind of second chance that ARF is giving. They are not like every other animal rescue corporation and have some unique, amazing programs. Animals can't fend for themselves under the circumstances that these animals are in and need the help that the Animal Rescue Foundation is offering. It is a beautiful thing and should be close to everyone's hearts.

Finally, for Doctors Without Boarders/Medecins Sans Frontieres I will give $375,000. People living in industrialized countries take health care and resources for granted and don't most of the time realize, that a large part of the worlds population doesn't have that luxury. MSF gives men, women, and children in undeveloped countries a shot at life after a setback such as a disease or injury, that they had no control over. The work of MSF is heroic and truly what being human and caring for each other is all about.

Out of the 1 million dollars that I got, I gave $750,000 away to these three charities and kept $250,000 for my self. The reason why I didn't donate all of the money was so I could get my own life started and have some money saved up. Because I now have $250,000 in my savings I will not have to work for money as much as I would have had to before, and can volunteer my time instead of using it to get paid.

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