My PACC Digital Portfolio 2014-15

E-Mails and Blogs

One of the blogs we did was called Blogger and we put many things in it like our thoughts and ideas and photos basically its like our own website .

Digital photography

In Digital Photography we did a project were we had to  create a house and have a car and more .

Keynote Presentations

In Keynote Presentations we did many of them like one of them we had to do the SCAVENGER HUNT .


My group and I  we did a trailer of a scary movie .

Sound Engineering

We had to get something and download them and then put them videos


In photoshop we use did many times like in one of them we use this to make are logo in our website


In animation we did a house and create many things

Fashion design

we made our own clothing line

game design

we did our own game and we play games

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