My Most Important Things (;

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My Niece (:

                                                        Important Thing

One thing i value the most in my niece! My sisters little belly is the most precious thing in the world! You can feel my baby niece's feet, her butt and all in my sisters belly! Today my sister is going in to the hospital to be induced to have my little niece! I have never been so excited to meet someone i have never met! She is already so important and she hasn’t even been born yet! She is going to so spoiled!

                                                   Important Person

The most important person in the world to me would probably be my older sister Jordan. Jordan is 19 and pregnant with my first beautiful niece! Me and Jordan and super close and we have been since we were little! Shes the one sibling i’m closest to because we have so much more in common than any of my other siblings. Jordan is probably about 5 foot 5 or so. Shes was really little like me until she got pregnant haha. Jordan has always been there for me and i know that i can tell her absolutely anything and she won’t say anything to anyone! We have obviously have had our fights just like any other sisters but we get over it because we love each other! We are more than sisters, we're best friends!

                                                     Important Place

In important place to me would probably be my bedroom. My bedroom is important to me because its where i go when im mad or upset or just need some peace and quiet. When you walk into my house you walk right up the stairs and its the second right. I don’t have a door on my bedroom i just have a beatles blanket hanging. My room is yellow around it and has a blue sealing with a rainbow colored ceiling fan. I have a 60 inch tv in the front of my room and my dresser on the side of my tv. Mine and my sisters bed are by each other and on the other side of the room as my tv. It goes my night stand, then next to that is my bed, then my desk, her bed, and then her night stand. It sounds like it would be really cluttered but it isn’t because our room is really big. Even though i share a room with my little sister i like it because she isn’t there much anyways and theres more room for me!

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