lice would be perfect in the French trenches. there are lots of people in them and the methods they use to get rid of you do not work well. they try to boil you out of their clothes but it hardly ever worked. they also use a candle to try and burn you out of their clothes but it was very hard to do so that it had to be a learned practice. also there are not only humans to attack there were rats hiding in the trenches and would come out to feast on the dead bodies of the soldiers. you also have many places to hide in there equipment since they had to carry so much with them as they went into war. it was estimated that their packs weighed at about 55 pounds. there is also a way of transport for you. the soldiers were transported from one area to the next by train. although the trains were very slow you still get the chance to infect the rest of the soldiers in the train cars while you were waiting for the train to reach the new destination. once you lay your eggs the body heat coming off of the soldiers will speed up the time it takes for the eggs to hatch. the soldiers never lasted long because of the diseases and the lack of food that was given to them. overall the lice should travel to the French trenches because they would have a very good life.

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