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RR Waste Solutions employs professional management and operating personnel

About RR Waste Solutions

Solid waste management firm RR Waste Solutions (RRWS) has partnered with numerous professional organizations over its six decades of business. The company presently maintains links to the Solid Waste Association of North America, the National Solid Wastes Management Association, the Contract Services Association, Wells Fargo, the Valley Proud Environmental Council, and the Texas Municipal League. RR Waste Solutions also partners with the United States Army and the United States Air Force.

The company’s services range in scale from manual pickup of containers in residential areas to landfill management. RR Waste possesses particular experience in managing the collection and disposal of industrial waste. RRWS can create custom suites of services for specific sites and collects waste created during construction, reconstruction, and demolition. To do so, it makes use of a fleet of vehicles with state-of-the-art navigation and communications equipment to improve responsiveness. As a result, RRWS can provide 24-hour turnarounds on requests for container delivery and other service, as well as on-call collection services.

Positive U.S. Trends in Waste Recycling

Serving the Austin, Texas, community, RR Waste Solutions provides a full range of services related to recycling, collection, and disposal. Also performing landfill management and operation, RR Waste Solutions emphasizes processing and disposal strategies that are environmentally responsible.

On Earth Day, 2014, the National Waste & Recycling Association led a panel presentation on “Recycling in America” at an Environmental and Energy Study Institute event held on Capitol Hill. The presentation brought to light a dynamically evolving recycling situation, in which more than half of Americans are served by one of nearly 10,000 curbside programs.

Improving the recycling landscape is a continued trend of food manufacturers “light-weighting” products in ways that reduce generated waste materials. This trend has slowed recycling volume growth, while leading to renewed interest in composting food materials as a way of improving the waste consumption scenario. A continued emphasis on recycling and composting education is vital in ensuring that America continues on its pathway toward sustainability.

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