Experiment with the Googles+

I have been thinking and looking for quite a while now at where I can most effectively upload content, I have come to the conclusion I have too many outlets to manage effectively: Twitter,Facebook, EyeEm, Instagram,Tumblr,Pinterest, Google+ and finally here.

As a human being with a job and essentially a life to live, I really haven’t got the time to manage all of these effectively and as a result you will see if you click the links, I only use a few of them frequently. I realised I have become in many instances, one of those people I hate on social networks. I start a profile, then let it die pretty quickly because I got sucked in to it and it’s shiny and new or one of my friends said “why do you use this, its great” or something to that effect. So I try it out and very quickly I realise I don’t quite know what I am doing with it or I asked myself “Why the hell would I use this as opposed to X” and just stopped using it.

I haven’t got round to the deleting the accounts as it has been soooooo damn long since I have logged into them I have either forgotten the email and/or the password to the account, and cant be bothered to go through the rigmarole of sorting it all out. Yes I’m well aware of how lazy that is but….meh!!

After reading a few articles about blogging and looking at the various platforms used, I came across an article by Mike Elgan about the virtues of using Google+ as a blogging platform. There are many nay sayers out there about Google+ about it being a wasteland and no one ever using it, however I haven’t found that to be the case and the article does raise some interesting points:

He writes:

“If you post something on a blog, fewer people are likely to find it. It’s like nailing a printout of your post on a tree in the forest.

Hybrid sites that combine social networking features with blogging, such as Tumblr and Twitter, are a step in the right direction (especially Tumblr, because it’s a real blogging platform and it lacks Twitter’s character limit).

If Tumblr is a small step, then Google+ is a giant leap.”

He then goes on to say:

“Blogging on Google+ sets you free. You can write entries of nearly unlimited length and post an unlimited number of pictures. Readers can click a button to discuss your post in a Hangout (a group video chat). You can edit, re-edit, share, reshare and link to anything (including Google+ Search or Google Search). You can narrow the readership of your post if you want by simply addressing it to circles rather than “Public.” You can toggle commenting on and off, delete comments, mute or block users and much more.”

He also suggests at the bottom of the article that if we are unsure of whether to migrate over to Google+ experiment for a month and see what happens.

It makes sense to me to use Google+ as a platform, I find it easier to use than wordpress in terms of getting a post out there, there are no adverts unlike Facebook, which may not sound much but I find it massively irritating having adverts all over the place. Yes there are adverts now on twitter, but personally I find them less intrusive, but that maybe just me. I also find the communities there more engaging without the level of trolling I find on other sites, it appears to be a more grown up network. The most important reason I should use Google+ is that I really like the platform, I like the way it works and even though I don’t have a large following, all the content I want to see and enjoy is right there, there are communities for any subject you can imagine, the people in these communities are engaging and passionate, and I can have involved, informed discussions with people, rather than it devolving into how shit I am and personal insults.

However I don’t think I will be switching to Google+ as my main blog platform just yet, there are a few massive hurdles to get over first.

1. I cannot automatically share posts to other networks – I have to get the URL and post them specifically to twitter, Facebook etc.

2. I cannot look over the archive or categorise the posts easily therefore any potential engagement with readers will be harder

3. The URL of specific posts in Google is messy, WordPress you can customize the link to make it easier to remember therefore more likely for potential engagement outside a specific network.

Even though I cannot see myself using google+ as the main platform for blogging, I will take him up on the challenge to use Google+ for 30 days as my main platform and see what happens. Maybe I will be surprised by how well it all goes, then again maybe not.

As I don’t blog quite as frequently as some, I think it is unrealistic to use 30 days as a measurement of success or failure for this challenge, it took me 6 months to gather the followers I have on here, so I will try to use Google+ as the main platform for a little longer ……say 90 days, even though there is a possibility I could lose the following I have on here, I think I should give it a try, you know the old saying ” You will never know until you try”

I will continue to keep everything else active during this time, cant put all my eggs in one basket. I will also post to this blog, more than likely with links to the actual post on Google+.