What will 2015 hold for you? Our world?

I'm sure twenty fifteen will be a fun year. I'll meet more people and it will be pretty cool. Ill be focused on school, try my best and have a very calmed and relaxed summer. Having gone to school at central for two years, going back in October won't be that hard. For our world I'm sure there will be many technological advances and more.

What will our world look like in 26 years?

In my eyes there will be much advanced medical care, countries will be more developed and advanced. Certainly middle-eastern countries and some countries in Africa. I think phones and enterterainment based electronics will be even more powerful and costy. Commercial computers (gaming ones) will grow very powerful and we will have acces to very powerful machinery.

Overall, I have high hopes for a peaceful and more medically advanced future.

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3 years ago

Cool design, Conrad. Challenge yourself to be specific and developed in your writing; please proofread.