The Decision Making Model

Step 1: situation

Step 2: options

You could stop hanging out with those types of people. You could hang out with someone else. You could ask an adult for help. You could just leave the party. Just try to get away from people who are influencing you in a bad way you could risk your health by trying drugs at any age.

Step 3: possible outcomes

Think to yourself is it right if I do this? If you are put under peer pressure to try drugs just say no. Drugs can make become addicted to them, they can make you have an illness disability or even die. Drugs weaken your immune system increasing your risk for infections. Drugs can cause cardiovascular conditions from heart attacks to abnormal heart rate. Drugs can cause the liver to work harder possibly causing liver failure.

Step 4:  Values

Before you do something like drugs think about your family and what you have to live  for. Doing drugs can cause the things listed in step 3. If you have parents, grandparents, or siblings. Think about them and don't do drugs it is illegal and you could go to jail.

Step 5: act it

Make a decision and do it. Choose to not do drugs and leave the party or tell an adult. If you get caught doing drugs you could go to jail.

Step 6: Evaluate

Think about if you did the right thing? Did it turn out right? Did it affect others? If you choose not to do drugs you did the right thing. And it could possibly turn out either way. And it could affect others but it was the best decision.

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