Johns Bike Ride Bummer

By: Dillon Patel: Graph 3

John went on a bike ride. He started riding from the 1 mile marker because he knew the first mile had a very rough terrain. After 20 minutes of riding at a constant pace, he reached the 2 mile mark. He stopped to rest for a little bit and then got back on his bike, but then he realized that his bike had a flat tire. John tried to figure out what the problem was and it turns out that a sharp piece of bark had popped the front tire. John  realized he had already wasted 20 minutes of his ride, and he knew he couldn't ride any further, so he walked his bike back all the way to his house at a constant rate. After 10 minutes of walking through a shortcut to his house, he reached home and was able to put a spare tire on the bike.

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