Government corruption in America

By: Will Perry

American citizens are fed up with the government, they’re tired of being taxed excessively, lied to about government affairs in other countries, and politicians always getting the best benefits while the lower and middle class citizens get the short end of the stick. Many Americans believe that the U.S. Government is very corrupt.

Here is an expert from

“ They no longer serve We the People, but rather serve a tiny group of ultra wealthy "elites", corporations, and foreign mega banks. The government violates the Constitution and Bill of Rights on a daily basis as they perpetuate endless wars based on lies, greed, and lust for power. It is no longer our government.” (Is the U.S. government corrupt?). It is quite apparent that the united states no longer serves the common people, they cater more towards the ultra wealthy or the “elites” (referring back to the expert). The middle class is taxed significantly more than millionaires and billionaires according to U.S. senator Tammy Baldwin:

"For far too long, our tax code has unfairly favored the wealthiest Americans, while middle-class families in Wisconsin have struggled to get ahead," (Middle class pays higher tax rates than millionaires, Sen. Tammy Baldwin says. Tom Kertscher).

Not only is the U.S. government catering to the rich, they also lie to the citizens of the country. For example, President George W. Bush told the entire country we were in Iraq/Afghanistan because we were worried about nuclear weapons getting into the hands of the terrorists and that it was a reaction to the 9/11 attacks on september 11th 2001, well while there may be some truth to his statement, many of the united states citizens believe the real reason we went to afghanistan was to protect our oil from getting into the hands of the wrong people and raising prices for oil and gasoline.

“The war on Afghanistan was sold to the public as a reaction to the attacks on 11 September 2001. However, the war was planned before the infamous 9/11 disaster, and the military action began long before the World Trade Center fell.The conquest of Afghanistan had been planned since at least 12 February 1998, and 9/11 happened just in time to secure public support for the attacks.” (The Coincidence or Corruption?).

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