Free verse

Brianna Lam
April 11,2014

Free verse is when you can write anything you want with no consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any other musical pattern. However there are no traditional forms, most free verse, self-evidently continues to observe a convention of poetic line in some sense, at least in written representations, though retaining a potential degree of linkage. Despite its freedom, poets have explained that free verse is not entirely free. In its own way, some poets have considered free verse restrictive. To be found in free verse, much pattern and discipline: the internal pattern of sounds, the choice of exact words, and the effects of association gives free verse its beauty. Free verse poems have the potential to make truly unique shapes, because of a lack of predetermined form.

"Dream On"
by: Robert Harkleroad

"Dream on with your life,

Keep dreaming because you’ll,
Never get this back,
Dream on till you can’t dream no more,
Because when your done dreaming
I won’t be there no more,
I will be long gone,
Not thinking of you,
So dream on till there are no memories left, ,
I don’t want to be caged,
My heart tells me it wants to be free,
Not locked up in one spot,
Dream on with your life,
Go find someone new,
Don’t bother with me anymore,
Because I’m long gone by now,
So Dream On."