The Acrocanthosaurus is basically a t-rex but. It has better weaponry and it lived in North America.

Acrocanthosaurus Deadliest Weapons

The Acrocanthosaurus has two deadly weapons. His claws and his teeth, his teeth are basically grappling and scissors combined. His claws can shred almost everything but, the issue is it can't go to high or low or it will be dislocated.

What Acrocanthosaurus Ate

The Acrocanthosaurus ate all kinds of animals but. They were basically made to kill animals that were bigger than them. It could even kill heavy armored animals. Actually some people say that the Acrocanthosaurus is stronger than a t-rex.

Acrocanthosaurus vs the T-rex

The t-rex is a killing machine. It can kill the strongest of dinosaurs with it's jaw but. It has one disadvantage it arms are so short that they don't do anything. The Acrocanthosaurusis like the t-rex but withh better weapons that can shred almost anything.

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