Weddings- Vows- Pamela Ling and Judd Winick

Just a few days before 9/11 another hot topic was the marriage of Pamela and Judd.

They were roommates before they got married, as cast mates on Real World, on MTV.

This was on of the most popular events that everyone was talking about just a before the Terroist attack on the twin towers and the pentagon.

Pamela and Judd

Horror, Alarm Chaos  Grip Downtown Manhattan

One of the scariest things about the falling of the twin towers was watching the people commit suicide because the didnt wont to burn to death.

The people on the ground  either was running or watching the towers burn and watching people jump to there deaths.

Many were killed from falling pieces from the tower, and the gust of smoke that came from the towers after they fell.

Most of the cars in the area were blown up and destroyed by the falling debree.

People had to run on foot over the Brooklyn bridge to get out of dangers way because most of everyones cars were destroyed.

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The 9/11 Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center

New York City Shuts Down

Terroist attack today at the peak of rush hour. Causeing subways, gas stations, musems, and even Wall Street to shut down.

Kids were left at school because parent could not come get them, the airport closed, and they even cancelled the election.

People evacuating the city on foot

On doomed flight, passengers  vowed to perish  fighting

Two passengers aboard the plane called there loved ones aand told them they were gonna take back over the plane.

There were 3 or 4 6-foot plus men preparing to take down the hijackers and take control.

The men fought the hijackers and took back the plane, but the plane crashed in a field not long after.

There original target was the White House, so the men didnt get to save there lives or the plane but they saved hundreds of other people by Causing them to miss there target.

Baseball, Brooklyn must now face Williamsport

The day before 9/11 one of the main events happening was baseball.

Brooklyn was up against Williamsport in the championship series.

where it happened

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