Logos, Pathos, Ethos

In the next couple weeks you will be creating a Glogster to advertise your favorite book.  Today we need to watch some instructional video to know how to create the best product you can, we will be watching techniques of persuasion  to use to create your glogster.

As you watch the next few video clips, you need to make a list of terms to define.

The first two clips will define: Logos, Ethos. Pathos. As you watch the clips write down the definitions that you hear.

Persuasive Techniques:

Now you will watch commercials with different types of techniques of persuasion.

Make a list of these terms and give a definition for each.

Bandwagon, Testimonial, Plain Folks, Emotional Appeal, Snob Appeal

Define each and give and example of what the commercial is trying to convey.

Turn in your terms and definitions to your teacher at the end of the class period.