Why is abortion wrong?


There has been great controversial debate on this issue for decades on end. In the past, there was no federal law allowing for abortions, unless the mother's health was in danger. The Roe vs. Wade case in 1973 made a large impact on on abortion rights women have today. The court ruled the law restricting women from abortions, except in the case of saving the mother, unconstitutional. During the first trimester, states could no longer restrict abortion for any reason. As for the second and third trimester, states could only enact abortion regulations in regards to the mother's health. Only during the third trimester could states enact abortion laws that protected the life of the fetus. Roe vs. Wade caused a great turning point in abortion laws for women. It has also politically divided the nation on the topic of abortion, where people either take the stance of pro-life or pro-choice.

     There are two view points on abortion. Either you take the pro-life stance and do not believe abortion should be legal under any circumstances, or you are pro-choice, meaning you believe women have the right to decide for themselves if abortion is the right option. I myself strongly believe it is a woman's decision, and abortion should not be restricted in any situation.

Pro-life v.s. Pro-choice

Fetus Rights

     Citizens who take the pro-life stance argue that the fetus is a human being, and has the right to life.

     While it is true that all people are granted the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, this does not hold true until the moment of birth. A fetus is not yet a person, rather it is a pile of cells that hold the possibility of becoming a person, and therefore has no rights to life.

Is it murder?

     Those who are pro-life label women as murderers for having an abortion. They argue that life begins at the moment of conception, and abortion is just as bad as killing a born baby.

     However, a fetus is not yet a baby. During the first trimester, the time period in which  most abortions occur, the fetus is not yet self aware and can feel no harm being done to it.

Abortion in the Case of Abnormalities

     Often mothers have abortions due to the fetus having birth abnormalities. Anti-abortionists say all fetus' hold the same rights to life. They also say that a fetus with birth defects should not be stopped from living life, simply because their experience would be different in the world. Abortion in the case of these birth abnormalities is not right. It stops a fetus from growing into a person whom can learn to adapt and live a happy and normal life.

     While many may argue against abortion when a baby has deformities, this situation is where abortion is most needed. It prevents the baby from growing up living a hard childhood, where they are made fun of and cannot enjoy simple things in life such as using the restroom on their own. Aside from that, women carrying fetus' with abnormalities are at much higher risk for giving birth. Several complications arise that hold high chances of killing or injuring the mother. Specific surgeries must be performed, which only put the female at risk, all for an unborn fetus.

Abortion in the Case of Rape

     The pro-life debate believes, once again, that all gestating fetus' have the same right to life, no matter how they were conceived, or what state they are in.  It is unethical that the fetus pay the price for a crime committed by somebody else. The rapist should punished, not a helpless forming baby.

     Although it holds true that the fetus is innocent of crime, this does not give the fetus ultimate rights over the mother's. Women's rights override those of a fetus in any situation. If the female is not comfortable giving birth to a child that resulted from a traumatizing incident, then she should not be forced to do so.

Risk of Abortion

     Pro-Life advocates use the argument of abortion being unsafe for the mother in an attempt to outlaw it altogether. As a pregnancy progresses, the risk increases. Women should avoid these risks altogether and not have an abortion.

     Women should be allowed to have an abortion without any argument of it being unsafe. There are very few risks involved in abortion. A woman is thirteen times more likely to die giving birth than having an abortion.

Politicians in Abortion

     Several agree that politicians know what they are doing when they outlaw and put limitations on abortion. Approximately 80,000 women die every year of abortion, while an even larger number of women suffer injury and infection. These pro-life politicians are  saving the lives of many women and fetus'.

     It is true that women do die of abortion, but what these politicians fail to mention is that these 80,000 deaths resulted from unsafe and illegal abortions. Many times women are not given the option to a legal and safe abortion, so they turn to life threatening alternatives. Either they turn to uncertified physicians who practice unsafe methods of terminating the pregnancy, or they resort to self-inflicted abortion. People may believe outlawing abortion saves lives, but reality is it only endangers women's health.

Abortion and Contraception

     People often say that abortion is an escape route for women who do not want to take responsibility for the child. If women do not want to have a baby, then they should not be pregnant in the first place.

     Those whom take the pro-life stance must stop putting labels on women for having an abortion. If they want abortion to end, they should be more focused on lowering abortion rates by providing proper sex education and contraception information, as well as providing effective contraceptives to everyone.

Future Society

The heated debate over abortion will forever stand. However, this issue can be largely reduced. Rather than pro-life advocates standing outside of abortion clinics with signs, and shaming women for having an abortion, they can work towards reducing abortion rates in a much more effective way. As long as proper sex and contraception education is provided, along with affective contraceptives, abortion rates will massively decrease.