Diary of a wimpy kid: The long haul

                                                           By: Elijah Bartlett

This book is about a boy named Greg Heffley, who is going on a vacation with his family. Ms. Heffley decides to go somewhere from a magazine she read. On the first day, they were on the road all day then stopped at a motel. It was not a good looking. They had to make the best of it. The next day they went to the country fair.They surprisingly won a baby pig. After that, they ran into some car trouble. The sunroof door was stuck because Rodrick, the older brother, threw gum on the door. The next day, they went to a water park. On their way, they got into a car accident.They had to walk to the water park. Before they left, they found that their stuff had been stolen. When they were leaving, their stuff were flying out of the van. They had to recover most of the clothing they lost. They stopped at a store but they got locked out of the car. When they finally got in the car, their radiator cocked out. Someone came to help but they could not speak English. Then out of the blue, Manny, the little brother, spoke perfect Spanish to them. They finally made it home safely and caught up on every thing like bills. That was the end of a another adventure as a family.        

Characters and Setting

Characters:The heffleys, The beardos, major characters

Setting: House, Water park, Fair, Hotels

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