Adryane Meller, Michaela Anderson, Catherine Cooley

Operation: Get Plume

Window chalk: Commented that he thinks window chalk looks stupid on cars/trucks.

Streamers/Confetti: fun way to mess something up and then cleaning it up.

Stickey notes: hates when people don't use their lights and blinkers.

Balloons: if truck, in his bed, if car, tapped to window and car.

Why is our's the best?

Our plan of revenge against Mr. Plume because its easy, simple, can be cleaned fast, and everything we are doing he's said before irritates him. :)

Back-up plan

If our plan were to be in able on the camping trip, we will resume with the plan in his office.

Window paint both sides of his window and throw balloons all over his room while also putting streamers and sticker notes all over his chair and desk.

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