Brighton Beach Memoirs

By : Jasmine Lark

The great depression

The Great Depression was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn. American families were affected by the Great Depression. Not only American but Europe & other industrialized areas. This happened Oct. 29, 1929. This began after the stock market crash.

Stan's Apology Letter

I am so sorry that I swept the dirt on your feet. I really regret the situation now that i've done it. All that my family is going through at home , i cannot afford to loose this job. And i really am sorry for what I've done.

My dad recently lost his job and now he's depending on me to help around the house. It's already bad enough that he's having heart problems. Being on bed rest for 3 weeks , what can he pay? Put yourself in my shoes , this inst easy.

I'm a very hard worker. I'm very social and i work very good with people. I just really hope you accept my letter. I would love to continue to work at your facility .


The first Shrek broadway show was on December 2008. Cost of tickets were $55. 'Shrek' Was the First Movie to Win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature .

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