Anti-Bullying Awareness Month
Scenario #1

If I was a part of the group of friends bullying another student I would feel very ashamed and guilty for my friends actions. I would tell my friends to stop and tell them what they're doing is wrong. After confronting my friends about their bullying ways I would go to the student and apologize for what my friends had done. After my apology I would talk to the victim and make him feel better. I would react this way because I know what it feels like to be bullied, and in this situation it would suck to be alone.

Scenario #2

If bullying is witnessed by me and I fail to do anything about it the bully gets the message that it's okay to bully because no one cares about the person he or she is bullying. To act socially responsible in the situation of cyber-bullying we could report the comment and tell an adult what was said online. By standing up to bullying the school may open their eyes and realize that bullying is not acceptable and maybe some students will follow our role and stand up. In the case of supporting a victim of cyber-bullying you are sending a message to the bully that it's not cool to be that way, it's hurting people, and it must stop. Cyber-bullying is when someone is being taunted via social media or in fact online as a whole. Making a Facebook status about a person can be bullying and so is rude or cruel comments. If I was ever a victim of cyber-bullying, I would handle the situation by confronting the person, if it continued I would probably get really angry and result to violence. Even though I know it's not okay to fight, I'm the type of person who handles things differently.


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