The Digestive System

Today you are going to visit an interactive website to help you learn more about the digestive system.  This is an independent assignment and you must use this time wisely, using only the assigned websites.  If you choose not to follow directions, your chromebook will be taken from you.  This assignment will be a quiz grade, please give your best effort.  When you have finished with your quiz, please go to Livestrong's MyPlate to log in your food intake.  

Please watch this video!

Interactive Digestive System Website

Please explore the website below.  

***Please be sure to ZOOM in for each step in the digestive system.***

Digestive System Quiz

Once you have completed all of the activities in the interactive website, please take the quiz below.  


Please register using your school login information.  After you have registered, please log your food intake.

More digestive system websites to explore if you have time...

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