Poetry Vocabulary Collection 4

By: Elizabeth Perry


Adjective, Made of clear, brilliant glass.

Suzzie is always very careful with her crystal glasses.


Adjective, Tough and strong.

Many years of carving wood made the man's hands very sinewy.


Adjective, Strong and muscular.

The ice cutter had brawny arms from cutting and moving the blocks of ice.


Noun, Minister.

The youth parson had her own room where she ministered the youth of the church.


Adjective, Shaped by hammering.

The little kid stood right at the wrought iron fence that separated him from the lions at the zoo.


Noun, Upper legs and hips of and animal.

Once called the puppy came bounding over to its owner then sat down on his haunches.

Vocabulary Questions

1. No, if a dog were running then it would not be sitting on its haunches becuase in order to run you can't sit on your legs.

2. Yes, a weight lifter would more than likely be brawny because the defintion of brawny is strong and muscular.

3. You would expect a wood carver to have sinewy hands becuase their hands would more than likely become tough and strong.

4. Yes, if a glass is made of crystal it would breakable because it is glass and glass breaks.

5. Yes, a parson would likely be found in a church because a parson is a minister which is usually assosiated with churches.

6. Yes, if something is wrought it was made by hammering because that is the definition of wrought, shaped by hammering.