Henry Doorly Zoo.
by Braeden

Henry Doorly Zoo first started out as a small park called riverview park 1894. It was near the missouri river.  Over time, more animals came to the zoo. In 1952 a group of people organized to make the park better.In 1963,Margaret Hitchcock Doorly, wife of Henry Doorly, would give the zoo $750,000 if they would change the name to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

The Scott Aquarium

The zoo has an aquarium. It has a special tunnel that you walk through and you can see sharks, eels,and rays. In this exhibit you can watch all kinds of arctic penguins through a giant 60 foot window.  There is also a Touch Pool where you can touch sea urching, anemones, and starfish.


                                                      More Than Animals!          

You can see other attractions at Henry Doorly Zoo. One attraction you can experience is the Omaha's zoo railroad. When you ride the train you can see the zoo in a different way.The Sue's wildlife carousel has animals you can ride.The Skyfari is a ski-lift style ride that takes you high over the giraffes, cheetahs and other animals.The Henry Doorly Zoo is not just a place to walk around it's  also about learning about the animals.

Desert Dome

In the Desert Dome people can walk through this humongous dome and feel like you are in a real life desert.  Three different deserts are in the dome; an African desert, an Australian desert, and a Sonoran desert.  You can experience plant and animal life from these deserts.

World's Best Zoo

In 2014,Trip Advisor named the Henry Doorly Zoo the number one zoo in the world. This zoo's mission to is to conserve animals, research, and provide recreation for all people.  Don't monkey around!  Henry Doorly Zoo is a great place to connect with the animals.