Sir Francis Galton

Sir Francis Galton was born February 16, 1822 and died January 17 1911.  During his life he studied many things including heredity and psychology.  He studied to become a doctor in medicine before moving into psychology and genetics.  Being that he is a cousin of Charles Darwin, he studied selective breeding with the Theory of Evolution.   During the early time of Francis' life in England there was major unrest. Assassination of a prime minister and a threat against the entire cabinet. Many vandalisms of machines in factories and industrial plants by the workers of the plants were happening too.  

I find this rather interesting.  He was an interesting man to do research on because a lot of what I had found was related to his work on eugenic and heredity.  With him being a cousin to Darwin it doesn't really surprise me that he would study heredity and eugenic.  Darwin's Theory of Evolution being a major point of Francis Galton's studies.  Also he is a Sir Francis Galton, he was knighted!  It is very cool that someone can be knighted like Sir Patrick Stewart.

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