The Taiwan culture

Taiwan food

The most comman ingredeints used in the food in Taiwan is seafood and meat. The most comman way to cook is to do a stir-fry. There is a saying in tiawan that goes if there is a wisp of smoke from the kitchen chimney there will be braised pork with rice. Braised pork with rice is very popular. This dish is made of finly chopped pork belly over a bed of rice.

The people of Taiwan

Modern clothing in Taiwan

Traditional clothing in Taiwan

Dances of Taiwan

This is the firefly folk dance.

Main Religion

The main religion in Taiwan is Budduism

The main language

The main language in Taiwan is standard mandrin.

Traditional housing

Moden housing in Taiwan

Map of Taiwan

Landscape of Taiwan

Taiwan has steep mountains, rivers, and canyons

Taditional instruments

Traditional insrumnts in Taiwan are the same as the ones in China some examples are the yangqin, morin khur, erhu, konghu, guquin,and the ruan.

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