By: Kaytie Ray

Metamorphic Rocks


1. (Slate) (color) Grey (texture) foliated

2. (Schists) (color) any color (Luster) shiny (texture) foliated

3. (Gneiss) (color) Grey or pink with streaks (texture) foliated

4. (Marble) (color) Any color (texture) granular

5. (Quartzite) (color) any color (texture) granular

Sedimentary Rocks


1. (Shale) (Color) red, brown, and green (texture)

2. (Coal) (Color) black and various shades of brown

3. (Halite) (Color) Colorless, white, blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, orange, or gray

4. (Breccia) (Color) any color

5. (Sandstone) (Color) grey, yellow, red, and white

Igneous Rocks


1. Basalt

Color: Black or Grey

Texture: Dull

2. Granite

Color: Grey, Pink, Dark red, and White

Texture: Grainy texture

3. Obsidian

Color: Black, Grey, Tan, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Purple

Texture: Glassy

Luster: Glassy

4. Pumice

Color: White, Grey, Light Black, and Green

Texture: Glassy

5. Rhyolite

Color: White, Grey, and Light Black

Texture: Aphanitic (Crystals to small to see) or porphyritic (Different sized crystals)