The Renaissance and Reformation

By: Cassidy Sargent

William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's Accomplishments.
- He wrote 38 plays.
- He wrote 154 sonnets and two long poems.
- He wrote the plays, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, which are still very popular today.
- He invented and changed words, his vocabulary is still used today.
- He changed the performing arts community in many ways.

Timeline of William Shakespeare's Life.

1564- Birth.

1571- Shakespeare entered the local grammar school.

1582- Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway

1583- William and Anne  have their first child.

1589- Shakespeare wrote his first play.

1600- Shakespeare wrote one of his greatest plays, Hamlet.

1616- Death.

John Calvin

John Calvin's Accomplishments.
- Majorly affected the direction of the Reformation.
- He published a book about his religious beliefs and how to organize a Protestant church.
- He greatly influenced Protestant education.
- He started Calvinism.
- Established the University of Geneva.

Timeline of John Calvin's Life.

1509- Birth.

1523- Calvin left his home, for Paris, to study.

1536- Published his first edition of "Institutes of the Christian Religion"

1541- Returned to Geneva, and Protestants in Geneva asked Calvin to lead their community.

1559- Published his final edition of "Institutes of the Christian Religion"

1559- He established the University of Geneva.

1564- Death.


Michelangelo's Accomplishments.
- He painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.
- He sculpted the Pieta, a famous statue of Jesus and Mary.
- Carved the famous Statue of David.
- He set new standards of art and sculpting.
- He was also a poet and architect.

Timeline of Michelangelo's Life.

1475- Birth.

1497- Michelangelo moves to Rome.

1498-1499- Michelangelo sculpts the Pieta.

1502- He returns to Florence.

1504- He finishes carving the Statue of David.

1508-1512- Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

1564- Death.

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