By kip

Family and childhood information

Anderson  Williams

And Williams bloody bill was born 1838 Northwest Missouri. He had A brother and three sisters. His parents came from Kentucky. His brothers name is James. Anderson willams faught in the civil war. He became one of the most violent character during cival war. One of his wars was in Charokee,county Kansas it happened Oct 6,1863.Andreson willams loved to kill people and robe trains so much its his hobbie.

Major accomplishment-why the person is famous

he was famous for being the deadliest most brutal leader in the cival war.He is known for someone that has bad character. He spread fear among every day people.He came charging into battle cutting peoples ears. His men came in crushing faces took scalps and cut off noses. He was known as some one he lived to spill blood.

Other facts

Andresons sister got killed cause a jail collapsed on he. Anderson taught Jesse James outlawry. They wanted Anderson dead or alive who finds him gets 3,500.000 when they shot him they shot him in the head.