Wired Wednesday - July 15, 2015

Join us at Discovery Middle School on Wednesday, July 15 as your eLEADS share ways to incorporate Communication in your classroom! Bring your MacBooks, mobile device (if applicable) along with questions and ideas for incorporating more opportunities for modeling and helping students develop a voice to not only communicate within their class but across the world. July also marks the start of new device training so be sure to take a look if you are to receive a new device for 2015-2016!

Introduction to iPads in the Classroom
This basic class will assist teachers in setting up their iPads and thinking about how they can create a digitally rich 1:1 classroom. Teachers will learn how to download iPad apps, discuss which apps might be helpful to begin the year, and begin planning effective iPad management for daily use. We will explore native iPad tools to utilize the device fully and will engage in rich discussions regarding critical digital citizenship topics. K-2 teachers who enroll in this course will receive their teacher iPad at this time. Please come to this session with an AppleID already created.

iPad Integration in the Primary
This class has been designed for the teacher who has prior experience using iPads with students in the classroom and are ready to find ways to really transform their teaching through the use of 1:1 devices. Teachers will look at a variety of apps that can be used to create using multiple forms of media (photos, video, drawing, audio, text) and to share with authentic audiences. Teachers will learn about blogging, video creation, and app smashing, among other innovative processes. K-2 teachers will receive their iPad device during this session if they have not already received one. Please come to this session with an AppleID already created.

Google Communities & Virtual Field Trips
Have you ever wanted to have a guest speaker in your classroom to help reinforce a concept you are teaching. How about taking a field trip. With Google Communities you can now do that from your classroom. During this session we will get you set up with a Google+ account (if you do not have one) and get you set up with Google Communities. You will also have a chance to see how the virtual field trips and guest speakers work. We will also discuss different ways you can be using this to increase communication in the classroom with your students parents.

Use Google Classroom as a classroom management system and communication tool
Have you heard people talking about Google Classroom? Do you use your Google Drive frequently? Do you want a way to quickly see who is done with an assignment without opening a bunch of documents? Google Classroom may be exactly what you are looking for to not only make your life easier but also hold your students accountable and is a great tool for focusing on the 4 C’s. Can be a great communication tool as well! You will need to bring you computer as we will be getting you ready to roll with Google Classroom. (Chromebooks work as well!)

Google Sites: Creating a Classroom Website
This class has been designed for teachers who want to create a google site for their classroom. We will explore built-in Google features and designs to make your site user friendly and visually appealing! You will have time to work on your site… get it up and running.

Student Collaboration and Feedback
Interested in implementing Project Based Learning in your classroom? Come learn several methods of how to take your students from cooperation to true collaboration! It all starts with a learning community built on trust and feedback. We will explore several instructional tools as well as technology tools to increase student engagement and collaboration when working in groups!

Handing over the reins: Empowering students to be tech teachers
Ever feel like there’s not enough support for teaching, particularly when it comes to technology? Why not use the best resource we have - our students? Come hear ideas about how to facilitate students taking the leadership role to teach both students and teachers about technology. Or, if you’ve already been doing this, come to share your ideas and what has worked for you!