By Trae Pecinovsky

1- What actions did you use, why did you use them? I used brightness and exposer, I used them because those are the ones I usually use and I like how they make the pictures look.

2. How did you make the assignment your own, Why did you take the photo you took for the theme? I made this assignment my own because I was sitting in my kitchen and i was thinking of a 1-2-3 picture and i thought about this and writing on a dry erase board.

3. What would you change about your photo? I wouldn't change anything about my photo.

4. What do you really like about your photo? I really like how I edited it and made it look the way it does. I like how the background changed to yellow and the board changed to a black and made the numbers brighter.

5. Whose photo from last weeks was the best? I really like dakotas Up photo, because how he edited it and how the sky looks and the clouds are darker then normal and the sun set, Also how you can see the sun reflection in his mirror